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About TLC

Welcome to our world of learning!


The 2018-2019 school year will mark the 38th anniversary of TLC. During these past 39 years, over 2000 children from our community and surrounding communities have attended the school. These children are now doctors, attorneys, teachers, artists, dentists….mommies and daddies. Many now send their OWN children to TLC!

 We are proud of each one of the children and staff who have been a part of the TLC Family.


We want our children to know that they are loved and that they are special.  This is their school.

With God’s love, their horizons are unlimited!





Play is a child’s way of learning.  In this way children explore the world around them, begin to work cooperatively with others, and relive experiences that have made an impact on them.


Play and discovery lead to academic awareness.  Early childhood is the time to introduce basic concepts in science, math, reading/language arts, and social studies.  Through manipulative devices, group settings, music, art activities and other varied experiences, we can give the child a first-hand experience with these basic concepts.


Let us then allow the child to be a child.  This time of life is rich and meaningful within itself.  As parents and teachers, we have this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to buildup each child’s self-esteem and lay foundations for a healthy emotional life.  Let us work together to set each child on a path toward a satisfying life.







Our approach to working with the children is based on current research about the best ways to support children’s learning.  In the words of renowned early childhood educator Lilian Katz, our curriculum is child sensitive.  Our aim is to place the interests, needs and growth of the children at the center of the curriculum, while at the same time providing engaging content.


It is our intention to provide in our preschool classes, a homelike atmosphere that welcomes child and adult alike.  Kindergarten is taught in a more traditional school manner with the intention of easing the transition to a more formal school setting, but with the warmth and love that we are able to provide in a Christian school setting.






805 11th Avenue N

North Myrtle Beach , SC  29582

TLC Office:  843-280-5434


Hours of Operation

Two & Three year old preschool:  9:00-11:45

Four year old preschool:  9:00-12:00

Kindergarten:   8:15-12:15